Iverson Construction – Kieler, WI - A respected leader in the asphalt paving industry.

Environmental Leadership

Iverson Construction demonstrates environmental leadership by careful planning and design of sites to provide the best use of resources, while ensuring sensitivity to local environmental needs. From recycling pavements and aggregates to a reduction in energy consumption, our Company continues to develop and implement green technologies to preserve resources.  Our staff of environmental engineers, scientists, chemists and geologists are dedicated to making sure our facilities are exhibiting the highest level of environmental compliance by maintaining air, soil, and water quality standards.  We work hard to exceed environmental standards imposed by the many regulating agencies with whom we work.  Our company takes great pride in our efforts to incorporate construction practices that are responsible and an efficient utilization of resources.

Solar photovoltaic tracking arrays were installed at our Kieler, WI office as a means to provide not only a sustainable but renewable energy source to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize costly grid supplied power usage.  These low maintenance solar arrays are a silent producer of electricity that produce zero emissions and make no adverse mark on the environment.